This is my blog. is somewhere I can share my open source code and advice. There's even a newsletter.

Founder and sole developer.
Is It Porn? analyses images for nudity and prints the results on the image for sharing. As of April 2016, Is It Porn? has analysed over half a million user submissions.

Founder and sole developer.
Clearsite Content Filtering provides API's which can detect nudity in images in online applications. Image classification performed by artificial neural networks.

Founder and sole developer.
Clover acts as a simple dashboard for monitoring webpage availability. It's a React web application that uses javascript throughout the full stack.

I wrote Ruby On Rails For Beginners because I wanted other people to go through the same transformation I had. Learning to build your own spaces online is empowering, and anybody can do it. I want to prove that.

Course instructor on Udemy.
In this course I teach you how to build and deploy RESTful APIs with Node.js to power your mobile apps. You'll learn how to set up an Express webserver, a MongoDB database, and deploy your backend to EC2 behind an NGINX reverse-proxy.

Founder and sole developer.
Platespotting is an iOS application written in React Native that allows users to report poor and dangerous driving. Reports are served in a feed, which shows all reports in a certain geographic radius, which the user can control. The backend uses Node/Express/MongoDB.

Barmate Logo


Founder and sole developer.
Barmate is a swipe-left-swipe-right dating app for iOS. What separates Barmate from other dating apps is that it's event-based. Event organizers register with Barmate to generate event codes, and these event codes are used to register users into dating pools of other people attending the same event.

These event codes can be used for more than just real-life events; they can be used to connect any people of particular interests and subcultures.

Founder and sole developer. was my first web application, but it's still an elaborate app worthy of showing here. Not maintained at all.